Regional Board Leadership Training Shabbaton

Join the New England NCSY Regional Board for an amazing leadership training shabbaton!

Including a fun Shabbat together with the Newton community, teambuilding, skill building, brainstorming, and setting the stage for an amazing year in NCSY!!!

Cost: $20

Please note that travel is not included in this shabbaton. Please book the following Greyhound buses:

Thursday 8/24:
8:00 AM - Greyhound bus departs from Rochester
1:50 PM - Greyhound bus departs from Albany
5:25 PM - Arrive in Boston for delicious dinner, get a good nights sleep before training starts Friday morning!

Sunday 8/27:
12:15 PM - Greyhound Bus departs from Boston
3:55 PM - Arrives in Albany
9:45 PM - Arrives in Rochester

**NCSY Staff will pick up and drop off the group at the bus on Thursday and Sunday. Packed lunch (and dinner) will be provided for the trip on Sunday.

***You do NOT need a sleeping bag for this shabbaton.